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We are the mothers, fathers, spouses, grandparents, siblings, family and friends who have or have had someone serving in the military.  We are a non-profit service organization supporting each other and our loved ones.  We are a group who promotes patriotism.  We are recognized under the Congressional Charter.


We are the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. whose members hang blue stars in their windows whenever their children or spouses join the armed forces, especially during war time.


The Minnesota Chapter #1 originated on March 23, 2003.  We are affiliated with the national chapter and understood as the first chapter ever in Minnesota .


We work to unite service members' families in a way like no other.  To connect with each other for support as well as working with the Operation Shoe Box, Operation Post Card, helping families who have spouses and/or parents deployed, children's welfare.  We also work with the VA hospitals, in physical and emotional rehabilitation, medical supplies, transportation, food, clothing and friendship, gratitude and above all, love.


We are there to ensure the sons, daughters and love ones receive the benefits they deserve when they return home, and to ensure that families of those who have fallen receive what they deserve as well as to help our service member's families and each other.


As the National President Susan Naill said, "I think this legacy has been stored and almost forgotten over the years.  Many of our military sons and daughters don't know about the significance of the stars--the blue for hope and pride; the gold for sacrifice to the cause of liberty and freedom.  Serving in the armed forces is an honor to our country, to our principles and to our faith."


Our organization is a place to find support with someone who understands in a way no one without a military son or daughter can.  We have the honor and joy to give at which time we also receive.


This legacy is not new but has dwindled in years, and now appears to be currently growing as fast as once did upon it's origination in 1942.


We are there for the Gold Star Mothers, Fathers and Spouses, whose sons, daughters or loved ones are killed in action or are listed as missing in action.

If you are interested in being a part of this organization please contact us.  We are here for one another!













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